Few Innovative Ideas While Choosing Islamic Gifts for Her

Giving gifts is a tradition that has been followed since ages. If Islamic teachings are read, there it has been mentioned clearly that exchanging gifts increases the feeling of love. So, gifts in a way symbolize love. Different festivals like Eid are occasions when men gift their women. Now choosing Eid gifts for women can be little tough. Few ideas can help a man choose the correct Islamic gifts for her.

A pretty hijab

For a Muslim lady, a hijab can be the best possible present. While choosing a hijab, one can try to find something really different. Rather than going for a usual hijab, one can go for some personal touch, like getting good, unique embroidery done which will make the specific hijab stand out from others.

Eid gifts

A self-written poem

Ladies of the Islamic culture love poems. Thus writing a poem in the honor of a lady could be one of the best Islamic gifts for her. The poem can be influenced by events of life that the person gifting and the lady being gifted had experienced together.

A Quran or a holder of Quran

If the lady being gifted is a believer of God, then gifting a Quran to her can prove to be one of the proper Eid gifts for her. If one wishes to give something more unique then an innovative Quran holder can also be a good idea.

Presenting perfume oils

Muslim ladies are always attracted to good fragrance. So, a perfume oil with mesmerizing fragrance can bring happiness to the lady’s face which itself fulfills the essence of giving a gift.

Islamic Gifts For Her

Stone jewellery

Any woman loves jewellery. So, if one knows the stones that his lady likes, he can use those on the jewellery he is gifting. This will surely prove to be a great gift.

If the mentioned ideas are taken into account, then one can easily find out the most appropriate gift for his lady.

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