Get Your Need for Speed within $100, RC Race Cars on a Budget

Deep down everyone wants to be a kid again. Hand someone a beautiful shiny RC race car and just watch them racing it on the pavement around the house. But, how to choose the best race car and that too on a budget?

They don’t have high-speeds like a dragster, but they do sprint. Here is a list of some of the best RC car under 100 for that kid inside you.

  1. Best Choice Products Lamborghini Veneno

Officially licensed, this RC car is made of sturdy plastic and has a glossy finish. It’s also a detailed replica with functioning front/rear lights, engine sounds,and opening doors.

best rc car under $100

Features –

  • Dimensions – 14”x6”x4”
  • Adjustable front wheel alignment
  • Spring suspension system
  • The controller has a gravity sensor for two-handed motion steering
  • Dual joystick command for forward, reverse, right/left turns and neutral.
  • Rechargeable batteries and charger (batteries included).

Inspired by its real-life brother, this 1:14 scale model is one of the best replicas of the legendary Veneno, making it one of the best RC car under $100.

  1. Super GT RC Sports Racing Drift car

If you prefer twisting and turning rather than going in a straight line, this is the perfect car for you. With its high-performance drift mode and dedicated tire set, it is made for tackling those twisting corners.

Features –

  • Has a 2.5 gen remote control
  • 90 minutes charging time with 10-15 minutes run time
  • Equipped with rubber belt tires and hardened drift dedicated tires

Racing is half the fun if there is no police chasing your vehicle. Let’s look at some RC race cars for people who want to chase down all those rogue racers.

  1. TR-911 remote control police cars

Working lights, blinkers, sirens, what more do you want! This is one of the best RC cars under 100 simulating a police cruiser.

Features –

  • 4D remote with simulation steering wheel
  • Push to start, gravity control, lever control with Drive, Reverse, Neutral
  • Powered steering, powered door, working sirens and lights, all controllable from the remote.
  • 1:12 scale
  • 4 GHz transmitter
  • Car battery and charging cable included.

Now when you have to win a race, you might need to go over everyone else. Here’s your best choice for that.

  1. SHARPER IMAGE RC thrasher car

Become the king of the road with the thrasher. Amaze everyone with its speed and extreme maneuverability.

Features –

  • All batteries included, with the charger and battery for the remote
  • All-terrain maneuverability
  • 4GHz remote control

So spoil your children (or the kid inside you) with all these excellent options. Choose the best RC car under $100 and tear up the asphalt with your crew.


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