Know the Best Kitchen Faucet Types that Made News in 2017!

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen? Take a look at the scenario –

Erica: “The brand that I got this faucet from claims itself to be the best kitchen faucet of 2017.”

Fanny: “Is it? But your kitchen faucet is not in proportion with this sink. Are you sure you have got the best?”

Does that make you rush to check the catalogs again? You can do that, but before that, there are certain factors that you must note which will help you to wisely choose out the best.

best kitchen faucet

Read on, and you will get a better grasp before purchasing one.

Types of faucet available:

A good kitchen faucet has 3 distinct points to note – mounting, compatibility and handle.

There is both on and off side location options for handles. Therefore, the ones with lever handles have options as double or triple hole setting. Those which have separate handles for cold and hot water – require this triple hole setting format.

When mounting is considered, there is a new member in this domain. The wall mount faucets, which were previously used in bathrooms have now found space in kitchens with a promise to save some area in the countertop. Hence, water supply line is required at the back of this sink for it to function correctly. Normally, this arc is kept within 8-10 inches for modern houses.

Now there are options as – center set faucets and mini spread faucets. In case of center set faucets, both handles and spouts sit directly on countertops and sink and is a favorite of many.

In case of center set faucets, both handle and spout are placed on a single base with 3 hole format. Since it is affordable, therefore in current times it has been touted as the best kitchen faucet to opt.

Different styles that are available:

If you wish to have the knowledge of the modern kitchen faucets, then there are a number of styles to choose from. Take a look!

  1. Pull out faucets

In this case, spouts are not of high arc and are best suited for kitchens with small sink pace.Positives: Suitable for filling up large pots and pans in the sink with minimal space and small countertop.

Cost: It approximately comes within $40.00-$70.00

2. Fusion style faucets

With an industrial design and classy look, this is a faucet that you just cannot miss out. Since this is mostly used in restaurants and other formal areas; the demand for this is comparatively less in domestic domains. In current times though, many houses have taken up this faucet style.

Positives: These have pullout sprayers with a high pressure of water and higher arc. Therefore, being in the niche domain, they can clean better than the other faucets of the market.

Cost: It ranges approximately within $75-$90

3. Pull down faucets

For superb ergonomics and to give your kitchen a majestic look, this is the best kitchen faucet to choose. With 180/360 degree model, this is a faucet with high arc and lower hose management issues.

Positives: The spray head has multiple features and therefore large sinks are most suitable for this type of kitchen faucet. The leakage and hose management are ergonomic in nature and minimizes the problems.

Cost: It ranges approximately within $60-$70

4. Double handled faucets

From history to modern times, this is one format of faucet that has ensured its presence over time. With double lever system, this faucet has superior control over others.

Positives: If one handle breaks, the other continues providing water. Also, one can adjust both pressure and temperature as per one’s demand.

Cost: It ranges approximately within $30-450

Touchless faucets are the latest introductions in this domain, and with its auto activation system, its future is definitely on the brighter side.

One of the top rated kitchen faucets in current times, a battery operates these, and they have an auto-activation system.

Which is the best kitchen faucet to choose?

To choose out a kitchen faucet that will suit your requirements, you need to be careful about the work that you will do at the kitchen sink, area of this sink, color code and finish that you may choose to ensure that it is at par with designing of the kitchen. Once, these factors match, the one that you choose will serve you the best.

Now you can check out the catalogue and choose the one that suits your kitchen the most. If you wish to note down the kitchen faucet reviews 2017 and product descriptions before buying, you can check out!






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