Quirky Hacks to Gain High Engagement from Your Instagram Followers!

An Instagram account without high engagement factor does not rank among the best. It is also not considered a trusted source of knowledge for viewers.

You may gain a considerable following and view on your profile with one of those classy posts. But the followers will not stay loyal for long if the engagement factor is not high. You need to keep constant quality interaction with your Instagram followers to keep their trust in you.

You also need to ensure that you are gaining interaction from your followers’ end.

These five hacks will make your profile ride high on viewer engagement!

  • Turn your followers into friends

Keep in mind that nobody likes interacting with a stranger. Turn your followers into your friends with posts that connect to their emotions and daily life encounters.

It will help develop a friendly rapport. And your followers would be willing to post thoughts and ideas as they will find you approachable.

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  • Maintain posts similar to top posts

Is there a pattern in a particular format or type that is being well received and getting high interaction? If yes, maintain that! It means you can connect with the right strings of your followers’ lives.

These patterns will help you tap higher engagement.

  • Be consistent

It is better to consistently post images, videos or cinemagraphs rather than bombing your viewers with random posts. Maintain quality rather than offering quantity. There are lots of profiles out there who update their profiles with random posts. Be unique, be consistent.

Rather than updating many posts every day, go for 2-3 qualitative posts. Your readers will find you dependable and would like interacting.

  • Natural questions and CTA

Rather than stating facts, ask questions. Make your Instagram followers think. The more they reflect, the more they will be willing to reply to those questions.

Also, you should include Call-To-Action tones in your posts that invite them to take a step, however small it is. The viewers would love to engage.

  • Always reply to the viewers

If you think you are done after getting likes or comments, you are wrong! It doesn’t end there. You need to respond to those comments. Your followers comment in anticipation of a response from your end. Do not disappoint them.

Your followers are valuable. Respect their initiatives. You will gain followers and viewers that remain loyal to you for long and keep you at the peak.


It is indispensable for celebrities to stay engaged with the Instagram followers who bring them to the limelight. Provide your followers with the required information, make them feel connected, and you gain followers for a long term.

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