Text Vs. Video Web Design Tutorials – Which One Is Better?

Online learning is a prevalent approach embraced by a large number of students nowadays. While this saves time and money, it also allows pupils to learn from the comfort of their homes leaving behind the hassles of travelling. Especially when it comes to designing websites, the benefits escalate manifold. All one requires is a computer and a fast internet connection.

However, one question which is emerging to be critical nowadays is whether a student should learn from texts and blogs or should resort to video learning. More so, with the current times when a plethora of text as well as video web design tutorials are both available on the web.

So, to make the correct choice, it is important to first gain some knowledge on both types before going into details.

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Text lessons vs. video lessons:-

While learning from online text posts may include clicking on proper blog series or indulging in developer forum discussions, free vide lessons till date are exclusively bound to you YouTube. Although a number of web designing companies provide video tutorials on their websites, one will need to make payments to get access to the content.

  1. Text lessons –

Text lessons indulge in a detailed description of the topic at hand. Suppose a person wants to learn the basics of designing a homepage. A text tutorial will proceed in the following format.

  • A brief introduction of web development.
  • Stepwise explanation of the design process.
  • Related screenshots explaining the operatives.
  • The final design at the end of the development phase.
  1. Video tutorials –

A video tutorial on the other hand may take a twofold approach. Either, the admin assumes that the viewer possess a basic understanding of website designing; or proceeds with a layman’s approach.

While such video series may prove to be immensely helpful for the experienced ones, newbies may find it difficult to keep track of the web designing happening using the IDE.

So, what is the optimum solution?

Precisely speaking, to gain comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of web designing, a blend of both processes is necessary. Be it developing a website using and IDE or CMS, contemplating the basics of the designing process is crucial to visualize effective learning.

Mentioned below are few points that elaborate the value of both tutorial types in a learning curve.

  1. A strong theoretical base:

For people looking to learn coding in Java, text web design tutorials will play a vital role. Java has an intricate mixture of classes, objects and functions. It is important to garner a clear idea of these concepts before stepping into the coding arena.

Text tutorials are highly efficient in this respect in comparison to their video counterparts. A series of posts on Java will cover every minute detail relating to the language stands on. Moreover, a text format will also people to copy and save the content giving them chances of revising at ease.

  1. Practical knowledge:

Once a learner is done grasping the theories, he must try his hand at designing with an IDE. However, most of these platforms come with a complex operational UI. This is where the importance of a video tutorial comes into play.

Videos from reliable channels guide people through the intricacies of the IDE, thereby enabling them to give their theoretical knowledge a practical realization. This is one of the primary reasons why video tutorials have gained immense importance in the last few years.

Simply speaking, well-organized videos have slowly started substituting classroom teaching gradually and quite effectively.

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  1. Text to video:

Most reliable web designing channels and blogs tend to be run by the same group or individual. This in turn creates a complete learning package for readers and viewers alike. Say, a blog series is providing PHP tutorials and converting each blog post into a YouTube episode.

This process efficiently blends the requirements of a text as well as a video tutorial. While the blog post will provide details on the theoretical side of the topic through screenshots and explanations; a video will convert this explanation into an exclusive demonstration.

Thus a learner receives an all-round development package which helps him in clearly understanding a topic.

So, one can say that effective learning requires a blend of both text and video lessons. While texts emphasize on the theoretical aspect of development, video web design tutorials ponder on practical matters. You can visit http://www.kavitype.com to read more information regarding Web Design.

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