The Best Method of Extraction

If you are looking to buy CBD oil then know what you should look for when you decide to purchase one.

The method of extraction

Where to buy CBD oil? The oil that is rich in CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant. There are various ways in which this is done. Many companies however use some of the cheap ways to extract the oil .They use the solvents that are nasty and toxic. These include pentane, hexane, butane and propane which are the gases that are found in petroleum and are flammable.

The oil that is extracted from this method is not safe to use. These also leave residues that are not safe and in turn it will stop the healing process and you will end up compromising on your immunity.

Extractions using butane

Many companies will tell you that when the extraction is done using the hydrocarbons it keeps the original nature of the plant intact. This is not true and also you should know that butane is illegal.

Companies that prefer to use butane do so because butane is efficient and cheap. It is also very toxic. If you end up inhaling butane then it causes respiratory and cardiac problems.

Some companies also use the pharmaceutical grade and organic ethanol that is a grain alcohol. It is said to be optimal and it eliminates the toxins and the residues in the raw plant. But this method generates a huge amount of the cannabinoids which is safe for humans to consume but it ends up destroying the wax of the plant and thus the oil that is produced is not very potent.

Which is the best method?

You should make sure that the cbd oil effects is extracted through supercritical extraction which is a full spectrum and cannabinoid rich product. This method ensures that the taste is clean and it does not let the mycotoxins to survive when extracted using this process.

The method is ecofriendly and is not flammable and thus the manufacturing method is also very safe.

It is thus important that you find out how the best CBD oil is extracted before you make a purchase.

How is CBD oil sourced?

The way that the oil is sourced decides its quality. Thus you should know where the seed was grown, how was it grown and what species of the cannabis is the oil extracted from.

The plant is affected by the climate and soil and also the plant is a hyperaccumulator. This means that the hemp cultivation is crucial because the plant absorbs the contaminants from the soil on which it grows.

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