To Know Some Features about Leg Massage Machines

Hey looking to relax your legs? Looking to buy the Leg Massage Machines for your home? Well, this article will help you to take a look at the cool features of Sequential Air Compression Leg Massager with the help of air relax.

This leg massage has got nice reviews from the clients because of its many customizable message programs. It has also been featured in many endorsements by health professionals.

Characteristics of Leg Massage Machines

  • It comes with four-leg messages mode that is the auto mode, peristaltic, sequential and message.
  • The massager includes four pressure level that is from 0 to 230 mm of Hg
  • It includes a visual display that helps you to know which part of your legs is being messaged
  • It is not so heavy which makes it portable enough to carry anywhere around

leg massage machines

The massagers are durable and the case is scratch resistant that comes with a built-in handle for the sake of safety, it has been given automatically shut off feature when it is not operated for 15 minutes

Well, these are some of the features of massagers and it also comes with one year of warranty on all sleeves that is from boot to waist.

Who Can Opt for This?

People who suffer from lymphedema that is leg as well as foot swelling and has frequent sports injuries can opt for this. The machine is also beneficial for the people who have poor blood circulation as it is known to enhance the blood circulation of the body.

Apart from it can also be of great worth to people who have knee problems, cramps and pain.

These are all about the reviews on the sequential air compression leg massager and for further help, you can also visit

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