Top 3Best RCCar under $100, Read To Know More

Whoever said that toys are just for kids, were so wrong? In the time where technology has taken an upright turn in developing even the smallest of all things, the toys which were meant only for kids are taking new turns. Many men and women too nowadays buy the things which every kid as a child would want.

best rc car under $100

Toys meant only for kids? Not anymore.

Among those toys, the remote control cars are the best. Let us put some light on the best RC car under $100. From topping the speed limit to the difference in the reception of the signal and the signal strength. Everything in these type of cars is mandatory.

The top three best remote control cars in the market

From among the best here are some of the most bought remote control cars.

  • Holding a battery capacity of 800mAh lithium-ion battery, this car is a beat with a top speed of 33mph. it is said to be operating in a 2.4GHz frequency remote controller. The Hosim is probably the best remote control car one can buy under $100 US dollars.
  • Second,comes the Tamiya 58346 grasshopper. With a design that comes from the 80s, this has been the all-time favourite for most kids and adults as well. It boasts a 380 type motor and the chassis is also said to be compatible with a 540 type motor as well. This remote controlled car is best suited for off-road tracks and also on rugged terrains.
  • The Babrit F11 is also one of the best remote control cars under $100 US dollars. It features similar characteristics like the Hosim as discussed earlier and this is one which is also greatly demanded by children and adults both. It offers a single range strength of about 100m.

Why would one want to buy the best RC car under $100?

The pros of all these cars are that they are the best RC cars under 100 and also share pros like getting customising chassis, top speed and also great battery life and coverage area.

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