Why Developers Need to Start Watching Web Design Tutorials?

The most common trope in the geek world is that of designers needing to learn how to write code. However, this article aims to paint a slightly different picture – that of having developers learn how to design.

Here are a few reasons why developers must need to start watching web design tutorials.

  1. Understand the user by understanding the design:

Sometimes developers tend to forget that they write code for actual human beings. By understanding design elements, developers can make a more fruitful contribution during the development stage.

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What happens a lot of times is that developers make a process that becomes difficult to implement in the design stage. Knowledge of design will help a developer streamline processes and make him or her aware of possible design constraints. This, in effect, brings the developer closer to the end user.

  1. Useful in building a responsive web:

One of the key aspects of web development is to help build a site that is responsive in nature. What this essentially means is that the site should be able to re-orient itself on the basis of the customer’s screen size, platform and orientation.

Making a responsive site requires developers to not only be aware of development processes but also the look and design. Understanding the differences in design of the website for different responsive orientations allows the developer to work more efficiently.

  1. Improved teamwork and knowledge of the whole:

Finally, it gives developers the chance to be part of a more cohesive team. Understanding the work of the designer(s) will allow the overall team to optimize their processes and work towards a common goal.

This will also make for a happier working space. It will always delight a developer to know the finer design aspects and applications of his or her development work.

It’s time all developers start to learn more and take more of an interest in designing. The easiest way to do this is by using many web design tutorials available online. Also, why stop at these tutorials? One can then move on to PHP tutorials. After all, there is an ocean of inter-connected knowledge to be found.

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