Win a Heart This Christmas with Some Thoughtful Gifts!

Gifts are the best way of showing someone that you care. Hence, before selecting a present for someone, you must make the effort of knowing that person, where his interests lie, what he likes or dislikes. It must not be a mere spendthrift or pompous boasting of your affluence. Let it be heartwarming, unique and also something that the person will find inspiring and useful.

How to go about it? Wait and watch!

Break typecasts with gifts that are meant from the heart!

For your beautiful mother-

No matter what, mothers reside in the most special corner of one’s heart! She is the person without whom you cannot do. So, this year on Christmas, let your mother know that she is timeless! Gift her a-much-desired garment or piece of jewelry. Remember, it must be something that has been in her mind for long but she could not get her hands on it.

Or maybe, just like you, she too desired a solo trip once. Now is the time you must let her go for soul hunting!

For your father-

Fathers are wild souls somehow caged inside the obligation called family. No doubt he loves his family, but at the same time, there lingers within him a soulful person who sacrificed his longings to make the family work. Be a thoughtful daughter or son this year and gift your father a ticket for the trek he has always wanted to go on with his group of buddies!

For the toddler-

Why should elders have all the fun? Your little one is the heart of your home. Let him playtimes be even more fun-filled with an indoor basketball court or soccer goal post. Wondering what about girls? Well, gone are the days of gender stereotyping. Let’s treat all children equally! If you are getting a basketball court for your son, get a tennis racket for your daughter. Cause, sports and games are for all!

P.S. – Do you think your son likes cooking (a future master chef)? Why not gift him a baking set?

For your siblings-

Younger siblings have their demand list ready a month before Christmas! Every year you shop according to the list. This year, why don’t you try nurturing their passions? Be a secret Santa and bring some smile! Like a camera for a budding photographer, or a book signed by the author for the bibliophile!

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