You will be Astonished to Know about these Health Benefits of Weed Smoking!

Yes! You heard it right.

Weed is one the finest of intoxicants. Records exist that prove the usage of weed, marijuana, cannabis etc. to treat several health ailments back 3000 years ago. This is stated as per the reports of National Institutes of Health.

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Also, according to GoogleScience”, weed is very less harmful to the body as compared to alcohol if consumed on a regular basis. Perhaps, this is the reason why American government have removed criminal penalization upon its personal use.

Scientists, nowadays, are extensively engaged in exaggerating the health benefits on larger scale. And what they concluded is the surprising health benefits of smoking weed, marijuana or cannabis!

Here are lists of few of its advantages:

  1. Smoking weed reduces the chances of obesity

The scientists of Conference of Quebec University studied around 700 adults and found that cannabis smokers tend to have low body mass index scores which is often regarded as a sign of good health.

Therefore, smoking weed helps the body to reduce fat and as such, there is very low risk of diabetes.


  1. Marijuana actually improves the performance of lungs

Smoking weed is not as bad for your lungs as much it is hyped. Astonishingly, weed smokers have better lung function than a cigarette smoker or a no smoker!

  1. Weed smoking increases creativity

A study of Consciousness and Cognition, 2012; found that marijuana enhances the creative activity of people. Cannabis increases verbal fluency, diverges creative thoughts and also increases learning and understanding skills!

  1. Cannabis kills cancer cells

The U.S. government has itself admitted that this drug helps to reduce and shrink the cancer cells.
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  1. Weed smoking proves helpful in giving up heroin

Researchers of Columbia University studied patients who were undergoing treatment for heroin addiction. They found that patients who smoked weed were able to sleep more, felt less anxious and were more likely to complete their course.

To end with, Smoking is always injurious for health. Even, if there are many health benefits of smoking weed; one should never get into an addiction. You may try weeding, cannabis etc. sometimes; but it is advisable to keep yourself away from these as far as possible.

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